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Trust me, you want to read this.

There’s only a week and a half left for me to raise money for my mission trip to Honduras. You guys have been so helpful by donating. So far, you guys have donated a total of $72. I’ve decided to make a game out of it to hopefully raise more money and to say thank you. Every dollar you put in (it tells me the name of the person and how much they donated) will earn you one raffle ticket. And if you put in $5, you get an extra raffle ticket. The prize will be a free tote from the Total Pre-Med Move skreened account (link below). If the winner decides they don’t want the tote (men, I understand), I will purchase a $20 gift card to either Caribou Coffee or Starbucks as a replacement prize.  If you’ve donated previously, don’t worry, you will be included in this raffle.  So far, 11 different people have donated, so chances are still pretty good. There’s ~3,000 followers on the blog total, so even donating a dollar gives you a shot at a free bag (or gift card) and it goes to a great cause! The link to the donation page is below, just be sure to select Megan VanDuyne as the brigader you’re donating to.  I only need to raise $829 more but any excess funds will still go towards medication and supplies. It’s for a great cause and there’s more of a description on my empowered page. Feel free to message me if you have any questions/concerns. And good luck!

Edit: Winners will be chose on Christmas Day and all donations MUST be submitted by the 20th to be counted towards the rather. The winner will be announced on the tumblr, twitter (t0talpremedmove) and the facebook page ( They will also be required to send me a picture of their school ID and an address to ship the prize to. I just want to make sure the person claiming the prize is the actual winner. Good luck with finals!

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