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Hello all!

As summer ends and everyone gets ready to purchase new textbooks, I have a little suggestion. I recently was lucky enough to be one of many medical students to receive a top-of-the-line Littmann stethoscope from the Jason Madachy foundation. Jason’s parents donate hundreds of these stethoscopes to medical students throughout the country in honor of their son, who passed away in 2007. If you buy your textbooks through Amazon Smile after choosing the Jason Madachy foundation as the charity you wish to support, a portion of your payment will be donated to the foundation. Just thought I would share that with all of you because until Friday, I had never even heard of Amazon Smile. Hope you all had a wonderful summer and good luck this Fall!

Anonymous asked: Hey I read your blog post on the application process and it was extremely helpful! Also, congrats on getting into medical school. :) I was just wondering what's the significance of submitting your app the day it opens? I still am I waiting one 1 transcript and I can't decide if I should submit or just proofread some more. Any advantages or disadvantages that you may know of? Thanks!

Well, since it is rolling admissions, obviously anything earlier is better. But don’t let the quality of your application suffer just to submit it a few days earlier than you would if you submitted your best work. That being said, applications are accepted for the next few months, so I don’t really think that waiting a few more days to submit it would be detrimental because you will still be ahead of anyone who submits in July, August, etc. Good luck!

Anonymous asked: Hey! I was just wondering. Did you do any internships? If so, how did you get them and how was the experience like?

I did not do any internships. I was a research assistant but it wasn’t an internship. Sorry!

Anonymous asked: Hi, I´ve read a lot about puling an all nighters I understand pulling all nighter before exam to cram last info for the test, but I don´t get how can someone pull it and function normally the next day. One time you have to sleep, so why not sleep at night and study that stuff in the morning/afternoon and not to be dead next day? :)

I feel like how well a person functions on little to no sleep depends on who the person is.

Anonymous asked: How are the interviews like a Midwestern? Group or single? Just any tips would be nice!

Single and super laid back. A very stress-free day. I recommend looking at the page about school-specific interview tips.

Anonymous asked: Hi TPMM! I saw that to apply to Midwestern you need a physician recommendation letter. Did you have a D.O. letter? Is having an MD letter instead a big disadvantage?

I did have a DO letter. I don’t think an MD letter would be a big disadvantage, especially if you still had some exposure to the osteopathic field. So I would recommend still trying to shadow a DO because I was asked during my interview about any experiences I had with DOs.

endlessopportunity asked: In response to anon about studying, a good and proven method is this: Study for 30 minutes straight without distractions and completely focused on the task. Take a 10 minute break afterwards. Repeat. I supposed this is more of a scaffold and less of a method. Also important to note: no texting or anything during the 30 minutes. It must be studying only.

Wonderful. Excellent advice.

Anonymous asked: Could give us some tips on studying, eg what´s your secret method, or something to help study impossible subjects? Thanks! Any detail appreciated

Sad to say, but I do not have any fool-proof study method. It depends on how you learn best. I love flashcards, so websites like are great resources for me. I make flashcards for everything. It depends on how the professor tests as well. I study differently for an essay-based exam than I do for a multiple choice test.

Anonymous asked: Might have missed it, but when did you definitively start studying for the MCAT? How many months in advance should we start seriously preparing?

I deactivated my facebook and stopped going out after St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) and took my MCAT April 20. But I did study occasionally throughout the entire second semester.